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Best Employer of 2021 

In the prestigious independent Best Employer of 2021 survey, we were ranked first among 24 companies nominated in the Trade and Services category. The public and current colleagues from Tesco have voted for the tenth time in an independent survey. You can find more information about the best employer award in our press release.

Via Bona Slovakia

We are  one of the most responsible companies in Slovakia. In the prestigious Via Bona Slovakia award, we received awards in two categories, namely Responsible Large Company and Exceptional Employer. At the same time, we were awarded the Public Prize. Tesco has been caring for customers, colleagues and all communities wherever it operates for 25 years. You can find more information about the best employer award in our press release.

The independent Via Bona commission has already praised our responsible business activities in the past - in 2017. For its contribution to responsible consumption and production, we were awarded the Via Bona - Prize for Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals of 2017.

Most Trusted Brands

The Most Trusted Brands represent the only marketing program on the Slovak market that monitors and, based on the results of a representative survey, evaluates the brands with the greatest confidence on the part of Slovak consumers. This year, we became the five-time winner of the Most Trusted Brands.

In Slovakia we won in the following categories of the Trusted Brands programme:

  • E-shops with groceries (Tesco Online shopping available for 2.8 million inhabitants of Slovakia)
  • Foodvendors (the chain operates 154 stores of various formats, 3 distribution centers or 18 gas stations)
  • Private labels (includes the best prices on the market, as well as popular Finest quality products);
  • The F&F clothing brand from us also won, in the category: clothing retailers
  • Our success closes with the award for Tesco Financial Services, which gives customers a helping hand in various life situations

You can read more details in our press release

The Consumer Choice - Best New Product 2021

The latest successful in the competition of other products and products with the Tesco logo in up to nine categories were marked by customers from all over Slovakia in the Consumer Choice - Best New Product 2021 program as the most popular. Thus we broke the records of other years of the award. This year, a record 137 novelties in 45 categories fought for the award. 

Tesco products have won in 9 categories - Packaged Meat, Cereals and Dried Fruit, Chocolates, Semi-Cooking Products, Pastries, Salty Pastries, Hams, Feminine Hygiene and Ice Cream. The Consumer Choice has been organized by the Atoz Marketing Services Group in Slovakia for ten years. You can find more information in our press release.

SmartHead - Most active companies for the year 2021

Every year company Smarthead awards companies for transparent and active communication of activities supporting sustainable development toward customers, colleagues, partners, investors and general public. We are very happy and we are immensely grateful, that second year in a row we gained a spot in Top 3 in category „Most active companies for year 2021“.

List of our sustinable activities, which we do together and for which we were awarded SmartHead Award, can be found on our SmartHead profile.


Carbon footprint reduction certificate

We have been working with Euro Pool System since 2014, when we first introduced reusable folding crates for the transport of fresh food products such as fruit, vegetables and meat. Enormous progress followed - in 2014, our suppliers used approximately 14 million folding crates, in 2018 this number increased to more than 40 million. The more we use folding crates, the more we contribute to creating a closed recycling loop in our business, because we reuse everything and nothing ends up in landfills unnecessarily.

Reusable crates are manufactured to last approximately 7 years and are 100% recyclable. According to a calculation model commissioned by the SIM (Foundation for Reuse Systems) and developed by the German Fraunhofer Institute, we will save a lot of emissions every year thanks to the transition from disposable packaging to reusable crates.

We obtained the certificate for reducing the carbon footprint in 2020 and 2021.