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How we do business

Our Code of Business Conduct

Our Code of Business Conduct is at the heart of how we run our business, and is designed to help and protect us. It is important that we all understand the rules that we must follow, and the conduct that is expected of us, in order to look after our colleagues, do a great job for customers and protect our reputation.

Whether you are new to Tesco or have worked for our business for some time, please take the time to understand our Code and how it applies to you.

Our Code means more than just following the law and our policies. It’s about using our Values and Leadership Behaviors to guide our conduct and decision-making so that we are always doing the right thing for each other and the business.

Download our Code of Business Conduct to find more information

Code of Business Conduct
Code of Business Conduct PDF 3.3MB

If you ever have concerns about your own conduct or that of another person, you must speak up straight away and talk to someone you trust, starting with your line manager. Alternatively, speak to your People Partner or the Legal team. If you need to raise your concern anonymously, you can call Protector Line in complete confidence.

We should all be proud of our business and the contribution that we make and by living our Code, we can build an even stronger business for the future.

Ken Murphy, Group CEO

Protector line

Protector Line allows colleagues and suppliers to raise concerns regarding misconduct at work. If you do not feel able to speak to your manager or your Personnel Manager, you can call Protector Line to:

  • Raise any concerns about something at work you think might be unlawful, that breaches the Code or is against company policy.
  • Report anything you think is a danger to colleagues, customers or the general public.
  • ​Share any concerns you have that information about these things is being deliberately concealed.

Protector Line is completely confidential and run by an independent company for Tesco.You don’t have to give your name when you call although if you do, the Protector Line will be able to update you on the outcome of any investigation and will also be able to contact you for additional information if necessary. Full details of the protector line can be found in the Code.

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