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Tesco lends a helping hand to the most vulnerable with customers

Individuals and families in difficult life situations will receive extraordinary help this year as well. For the second year in a row, Tesco organized an extraordinary summer version of the food collection during the pandemic. The joint efforts of customers and Tesco have paid off. People in need will be helped not only by food collected from customers, but also by donated products worth 25,000 euros from Tesco. Together, donated food and hygiene items from customers and Tesco weigh 22,182 kilograms. More than 22 tons of aid will help feed 52,000 portions of food to people in need across the country.

"The food collection has created a unique opportunity for each of Tesco's customers, who could help people in need during a 4-week period while shopping in any of our stores. Together with our contribution of 25,000 euros, more than 22 tons of food and drugstores will go to cooperating charities. At Tesco, we say that even a little help can be of great importance, and the food collection is the perfect confirmation of that,” says Katarína Pšenáková, Tesco's Head of Communications in Slovakia.

This year's summer food collection took place from 2 August to 29 August 2021 in all 154 Tesco stores. It was sufficient for customers to purchase durable foodstuffs such as pasta, rice, pulses, canned food or jams or additional hygiene items during their normal purchase and hand them over to collection points behind the cashier's zone in any store.

Tesco colleagues or volunteers from partner organizations were willing to help with the selection of suitable products. The collection also included the opportunity to participate online - through the Tesco Online shopping service, which is available to 2.8 million people in Slovakia. The online collection took place from 3 to 31 August this year. When shopping online, customers could choose from six ready-made help packages worth between 5 and 12 euros.

Tesco Online shopping service

"We value every single gift immensely, because it can help people who often find themselves homeless or without a permanent income through no fault of their own. We are very happy that Tesco has decided to organize its summer version again in addition to the traditional food collection before Christmas. Unfortunately, in the current difficult period of the coronary crisis, the number of families and individuals in Slovakia who have difficulty procuring food or other necessary products is constantly growing," said Marko Urdzík, Chairman of the Food Bank of Slovakia.

Tesco realizes that helping people is needed all the time. The chain launched the first summer food collection last summer in prompt response to the outbreak of the coronary crisis. Thanks to Tesco's food collections, a large number of people in need have been able to lend a helping hand, as is Tesco's other activities that support the most vulnerable every day, whether selling unsold food from all 154 stores in the chain or special food donations to date. worth more than 220 thousand euros since the outbreak of the pandemic.

The chain helps people in need every day by donating unsold food. Thanks to Tesco's donation of food from all its stores, it has so far donated more than 7,300 tons of food, of which more than 17 million portions of food have been prepared for people in need. Through this important activity, Tesco is also helping to mitigate the effects of the coronary crisis on the most vulnerable groups.

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