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CEO's speech

Martin Kuruc, CEO of Tesco Stores SR, a.s.
Martin Kuruc, CEO of Tesco Stores SR, a.s.

People have always been at the heart of our business, be it our colleagues, customers or suppliers – everything we do, we do for them. More than 360,000 colleagues work for us all over the world, and almost 9,000 of them are in Slovakia, which makes us one of the three largest private employers. The role of our colleagues is crucial in bringing food to people across the country, which we especially confirmed during the corona crisis. I would like to thank each and every colleague for their dedicated work during the past difficult period.

We operate in communities across Slovakia, where we bring our customers a wide range of healthy, sustainable products that are affordable for everyone. We want to be a company that reflects the diversity of customers and communities in which we operate. It is also for this reason that we signed the Diversity Charter in Slovakia in May 2019 and committed to developing diversity and inclusion. But diversity alone is not enough.

At Tesco, we do everything we can to create a culture based on openness, where every idea or thought is welcome. We value the individual cultures, personalities and preferences of our colleagues. A culture of inclusion is an integral part of our brand and our values: We treated people how they want to by treated. We enable our colleagues to establish authentic relationships with customers, develop innovative ideas, and thus support the success of our business. We are pleased that up to 89% of colleagues believe that they can be themselves in Tesco without fear of being judged.

The need to strengthen inclusion has proven to be even more urgent than ever, as the COVID-19 pandemic has unequally affected different social groups. Increasing inequality in selected parts of society requires us to pay even more attention to inclusion in the workplace - fair access for all, regardless of their background. Since the signing of the Diversity Charter, we have brought to our colleagues a number of programs and activities aimed at celebrating and supporting the culture of diversity and inclusion. We want to follow up on this step and share our progress in this area with the wider public.

I am proud to bring you our first report on diversity and inclusion, which is unique in its content in Slovakia. It provides a summary of how we are doing in this area and our plans for the future. Although we already have a strong representation of women in senior positions, we want to continue to increase their share and ensure that all colleagues have equal access to all positions.

We want to be even more accommodating to the family and even more supportive of colleagues with altered working ability due to health reasons.

At Tesco, equal pay for men and women in the same position is a matter of course. As part of the report, we also bring a closer look at the overall ratio of women's and men's salaries, which is influenced by a number of factors, such as the gender distribution between the highest paid positions and the career choices of women and men.

At the same time, we invite other large companies to join us, measure and publish similar data, including the difference in pay between men and women. Because together we can bring about a wider positive change in the whole society.

Thank you