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Dictionary of terms: ​​inclusion and diversity

Words have the power to both include and exclude. At Tesco, we choose our words carefully and judiciously to help us create an inclusive environment. We consider it very important to learn from each other and update the terminology used. The way we describe ourselves and our experiences changes over time. The following terms can be found in our report and we also use them in the definitions in the context of diversity and inclusion at Tesco.

Culture: A pattern of behavior consciously and subconsciously adopted by a group of people. These patterns can be observed in language, practices, customs, holiday celebrations, food, religion or clothing.

Changed working ability (health handicap): A mental or physical limitation that significantly affects an individual´s ability to perform daily activities. The limitation can be cognitive, developmental, intellectual, mental, physical, sensory or it can represent a combination of several of the above forms of disability.

Diversity: A wide range of diverse backgrounds of individuals with varied characteristics such as gender, language, customs and culture, social roles, sexual orientation, education, skills, income and many others.

Equality: A state where every individual has equal status in certain respects, including human rights, freedom of expression, the right to own property, and equal access to goods and services.

Justice: Offering different levels of support to individuals or communities, taking into account their needs, in order to achieve a fairer and fairer outcome.

Gen: A wide range of characteristics related to masculinity and femininity. Many cultures use a division into two genders (female or male), but nowadays gender is treated more as a spectrum that includes a range of other identities.

Inclusion:Efforts or approaches whereby different groups or individuals with different cultural and social backgrounds are accepted, welcomed, and treated fairly and equally.


Note: Terms such as customer, salesperson, colleague are used in the text to denote a professional or social group and include both men and women.