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Continuous support of inclusive culture

Despite the fact that we can already celebrate many successes today, we continue to work on strengthening inclusion in our society. We realize that there is still a lot of work ahead of us to build a truly inclusive environment where everyone will feel welcome and feel that they belong. Our Inclusion and Diversity Strategy for the coming year consists of three pillars that support the activities below:

Raising awareness of inclusion and diversity

We will continue to raise awareness by commemorating important international days related to inclusion and diversity (e.g. International Day of Persons with Disabilities, International Women's Day, Mother's Day and others)

We will take into account the diverse needs of our female colleagues, which will help us meet the different requirements of our customers

We will further develop our understanding of diversity in the broadest possible context

• We will continue to publish diversity and inclusion data, our plans and progress on an annual basis

Our managers lead by example in inclusion and welcome diversity

• Trainings on diversity and inclusion have been prepared for our directors, and everyone in our company will complete them this year as well
• For our line managers and central office managers, we launched a new inclusive manager training, which will take place at the end of the year                                            • We are working on further training for line managers focused on mental health support
• We present the updated Rules for adapting working conditions so that our line managers can provide better support to colleagues with a changed working ability
• We will continue to focus on the support and development of individuals with altered work ability.

Inclusion is part of the working life of colleagues

• We are updating materials aimed at recruiting incoming colleagues to use inclusive language
• We will incorporate new supportive approaches of inclusion and diversity into the processes of recruitment and training of colleagues
We will incorporate an inclusive perspective into the talent and performance management process to eliminate biases
• We will introduce additional benefits and rules focused on the family, to support colleagues who take care of a trusted person