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Promoting diversity and inclusion

Diversity fosters innovation and business success


There is a huge amount of research that says that diversity is good for business:
decisions made and implemented by diverse teams bring 60% better results (Forbes, 2017);
• organizations with an inclusive culture are three times more likely to perform better, six times more likely to be more innovative and agile, and eight times more likely to achieve better business results (Deloitte, 2018);
• belonging in the workplace can lead to an estimated 56% increase in work productivity (Harvard Business Review, 2019);
• a sense of belonging reduces the risk of employee turnover by up to 50% (Harvard Business Review, 2019).

V dynamickom odvetví, akým je maloobchod, mimoriadne záleží na schopnosti inovovať a my sme presvedčení, že práve naše kolegyne a kolegovia sú kľúčom k úspechu. Na Slovensku zamestnávame 8 841 kolegýň a kolegov z rozmanitého prostredia s rôznymi perspektívami aj nápadmi. Práve oni v spojení s novými výzvami nás posúvajú vpred, aby sme neustále zlepšovali Tesco ako skvelé miesto na prácu a nakupovanie. In a dynamic industry such as retail, the ability to innovate is extremely important, and we believe that our colleagues are the key to success. In Slovakia, we employ 8,841 colleagues from diverse backgrounds with different perspectives and ideas. These colleagues, in conjunction with new challenges, that push us forward to constantly improve Tesco as a great place to work and shop.

Stanovili sme si jasnú ambíciu v súlade s našou hodnotou správať sa k našim kolegyniam a kolegom tak, ako oni sami chcú, aby sme sa k nim správali:We have set a clear ambition, in line with our value, to treat our colleagues how they want to  by treated:

Ali Abdellah Ahmed, Amr
Ali Abdellah Ahmed, Amr
Tesco mobile

“I feel accepted by my colleagues in the central office and in the stores. I really appreciate how the team accepted me. I have found friends among many colleagues and I can turn to them at any time.”

Everyone is welcome at Tesco

Everyone is welcome means accepting people as they are, without prejudice, and valuing their diversity and uniqueness and we appreciate and welcome the individual contribution of each of us. 

We are aware that the word "diversity" is often associated with more visible differences such as gender, age or race, so we prefer to use the word "diversity". We consider this to be very important because we believe that it depends on a wider set of characteristics, those visible differences, but also the less visible ones, such as education, work style, responsibility for caring for those entrusted to them, mental and physical health. 

In 2020, we launched an e-learning program for all colleagues focused on the development of inclusion and diversity. It aims to develop understanding and raise awareness of inclusion and diversity at all levels of our society. To date, more than 6,000 colleagues have received training. At Tesco, we are going even further and this year we have followed it up with a new training offer for managers and managers.

In our collective agreement, we have agreed that the same entitlements as stated in the Labour Code for a spouse belong to colleagues in our country, even if they are a partner or a life partner living with a colleague in the same household, on the basis of an affidavit. Examples include paid time off at the birth of a child, paid time off in the event of the death of a partner or in the family of a partner, time off when accompanying a doctor, including new family benefits. Thus, our collective agreement increases benefits beyond the scope of the Labor Code and thus brings better conditions for everyone

Our goal is to bring male and female colleagues together so that they can share experiences and help each other. As part of the Diversity Festival, a fourteen-day series of programs on diversity and inclusive culture that aims to show different perspectives on individuality and uniqueness and foster a work environment with respect for equal treatment, we also share the stories and experiences of our LGBT+ colleagues.

Klaudia J. Nagyová
Klaudia J. Nagyová
Manager for hypermarket Tesco in Košice

“Our favorite game with my little son is puzzles – only individual pieces create a complex picture. When I completed the e-learning training on inclusion and diversity, I realized the similarity with my team – I began to look at the individual differences and differences of colleagues as an opportunity and benefits. That's how I made our diverse team work efficiently and achieve the best results.”