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Health, safety and wellbeing

Our colleagues and customers rightfully expect nothing less than a safe place to work and shop. We are committed to developing and maintaining a culture where safety is inherent in everything we do.

Beyond creating a safe workplace, health and wellbeing has come more into focus, with a 39%1 increase in online searches for mental health support while physical activity substantially decline after COVID-19 restrictions were introduced2. Our priority is to support colleagues, helping them to feel at their physical and mental best.

Looking after the health, safety and wellbeing of our colleagues is a responsibility that we all share at Tesco and is central to how we do business. Our priority is to ensure each of our businesses is a safe and healthy environment for our colleagues, customers and the communities we serve. 

Work and shop safely

The safety of our colleagues and customers is very important to us. We have safety measures beyond the legislative framework of Safety Standards. That's why last year we focused on reducing the number of accidents where there is temporary incapacity for work (injuries to our colleagues that result in them having to take time off) by 5 %.

We have installed 66 rescue automatic defibrillators in all our hypermarkets and distribution centers in Slovakia. These defibrillators are now available to our colleagues and customers should they need them. We have continued to improve the first aid training offered in our offices and are currently incorporating it into the introductory training for all our colleagues in stores as standard practice.

We have launched a safe driving campaign for our colleagues and provided them with "first-hand" simulations of road accidents, thanks to which we contribute to the education of our teams and encourage people to think more about their own safe behaviour behind the wheel.

We are committed to our vision that no one should ever be hurt while working or shopping at Tesco. Beyond safety, we are committed to making Tesco a healthier place to work.

88 %

colleagues believe Tesco supports their health and wellbeing

5 %

reduction of occupational accidents compared to 2020/21


colleagues have already used the maternity allowance up to 100% of their wages


automatic defibrillators available in our stores and distribution centers

Support of a healthy lifestyle

We take the health of our colleagues very seriously. We want Tesco to be a great place to work and we want to help our colleagues live healthier lives. In promoting a healthy lifestyle, we focused on supporting a balanced diet, a healthy body and a healthy mind.

We take care that our colleagues can live healthier and we have created the conditions so that they can balance their work and family life as best as possible.

In July 2021, we expanded the offer of flexible work and family life benefits, which are unique not only in the retail sector, but also on a nationwide scale. Colleagues who start a family or have had a family for a long time will receive special support from Tesco. We are also strengthening assistance to all colleagues when returning to work after a long break caused by illness or an unforeseen event. Thanks to these benefits:

  • 54 of our colleagues have already taken advantage of the increase in maternity benefit to the level of 100% of net salary,
  • 6 of our colleagues undergoing fertility treatment have already completed treatment cycles with a week´s paid leave,
  • 36 of our colleagues took advantage of the possibility of having their working hours reduced by half after a difficult illness with a salary adjustment to the level of 100%.

Paternity leave

Colleagues - fathers are also entitled to two weeks of paid leave after the birth of a child or after placing a child in care.

Supporting mental health

We are committed to reducing the stigma attached to mental health and we are helping to build a better understanding of ways to improve mental wellbeing. As we continue to expand our offering of health and wellbeing resources, colleagues are encouraged to access wellbeing activities in the workplace along with support for their mental health.

We increase the range of benefits to support health and mental satisfaction (wellbeing), we allow our colleagues access to various assistance programs to maintain work balance and mental health.

We support our colleagues across the Group by offering access to a range of tools, resources:

  • We support a healthy lifestyle in colleagues and movement through a subsidized multisport card
  • Free fruit for colleagues in selected periods during the year Tasting of products with your own brand – a demonstration of our products with lower salt, sugar and fat content
  • We also organize Health Week for colleagues (help, support, workshops, health measurements and tips for a healthy lifestyle) twice a year
  • Inspiring articles to promote mental health
  • Discount on groceries as part of the Club Card for employees, which allows them to have everything they need even more accessible.

We will continue to support colleagues with their well-being, focusing on ensuring all our colleagues are supported inside and outside of work, pro-actively advocating and promoting our health and wellbeing offer to increase awareness and utilisation and have a defined offer for mental, physical, financial wellbeing ensuring all colleagues are fully supported.

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDG 3 Good Health and Wellbeing

The aim is to ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages. Our healthy sustainable diets strategy is focused on increasing the proportion of sales from healthy products as we strive to make Tesco the easiest place to shop for affordable, healthy, sustainable food. 

SDG 17 Partnership for the Goals

Partnership for the Goals recognises the importance of collaboration. Our healthy sustainable diets strategy has been developed with the input, knowledge and expertise of our colleagues, suppliers and NGO partners and ongoing collaboration is critical to its success.