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Support for Ukraine

Support for people affected by the conflict in Ukraine

We care about all the people who are experiencing the negative effects and difficult life situations related to the war conflict in Ukraine. That's why we launched a whole range of activities to support those who fled the country and are in the territory of the Slovak Republic, as well as people dependent on help directly in Ukraine. You can join the support together with us. Thank you.

10 million euros for the Red Cross 

The Tesco Group, which operates in Great Britain, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, together with its colleagues and customers, collected and donated 8.5 million pounds (9.97 million euros) to the Red Cross on supporting their essential work with refugees and families fleeing conflict.

Extraordinary food collection

In all hypermarkets and supermarkets across Slovakia and at, we organized an extraordinary food collection that lasted from March 7 to 27, 2022. More than 45 tons of food and hygiene items worth almost 100 thousand euros were donated by customers in the store also online to help refugees from Ukraine. In addition, Tesco doubled the amount of donations collected from customers. Together, Tesco and customers donated almost 200,000 euros to help people fleeing the war conflict from Ukraine to Slovakia.

Reconciliation of income for colleagues

To colleagues who will have to travel to Ukraine on the basis of a call-up order, we will pay a salary according to their average salary for a period of at least 3 months after their departure to provide for their family members who will remain in Slovakia.

Quick help at the border from Tesco and other merchants

Over the last weekend of February, Tesco joined forces with several traders from the Slovak Alliance of Modern Trade (SAMO) to help people affected by the current events. On Sunday, February 27, 2022, the Tesco truck brought the necessary help to the border as far as Ubla. More than 40 tons of food and hygiene items went to people fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. Since then, together with the Tesco Group, we have donated more than 1,000 food and drugstore pallets

We create employment opportunities for citizens of Ukraine

In addition to food collection, humanitarian, financial and product aid, Tesco in Slovakia also offers job opportunities to people from Ukraine. We undertake that open job positions that can be provided will also be available to people who have fled Ukraine as a result of the war conflict. Tesco ensures the most comfortable process of accepting Ukrainians in their mother tongue. At the same time, the career website of the chain will have information about vacant positions also available in Ukrainian. In the course of the year, not only people from Slovakia, but also Ukrainians who plan to stay in Slovakia will be able to apply for approximately 500 vacant positions.

Real help line

In this difficult time, our colleagues can connect by phone or email with qualified and experienced experts who can help them in psychological, legal or financial areas. The hotline is available 24/7.

Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile customers can call Ukrainian numbers like any other EU country. In the same way, the same prices as in the EU are applied for roaming in Ukraine. At the same time, we offer citizens of Ukraine in Tesco stores a Bodku SIM card with €3.90 credit for free.


Colleagues who decide to help through partner non-profit organizations that provide help in the framework of the refugee crisis in the territory of the Slovak Republic can join in the help, while 2 days will be fully paid.

Tesco Angel

Tesco Angel is ready to immediately help all our colleagues who need financial or material support due to unexpected expenses related to the war in Ukraine.

Tesco Clubcard for people from Ukraine

All the benefits of Clubcard prices, coupons and special offers are more accessible to people thanks to the Ukrainian website.

Further product support from stores

From February 24, 2022, Tesco stores support local initiatives and organizations that provide assistance to people coming from Ukraine. Store managers and other Tesco colleagues are showing tremendous solidarity.

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