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Other local activities

At Tesco, we believe that every little help makes a big difference. We can use the size of our company as a positive force not only in the large projects that we organize, such as the grant program You choose, we help, but also in the projects of our partners or seemingly smaller projects that are, however, of great importance.

Small Donation

Through the Small Donation program, we provide direct product support from all our stores to local organizations in their vicinity, helping to connect our stores with their local communities. During the past months, we focused our help mainly towards health workers, whose work was irreplaceable in the fight against the pandemic and in supporting people coming from Ukraine. In addition, we did not forget about local projects, when we supported educational activities of schools and kindergartens, animal shelters, various events or smaller activities of local organizations. In total, we supported approximately 700 projects worth 40,000 euros through small donations.

Daffodil Day

Daffodil Day is a unique charity collection of the League Against Cancer, when we pin a small flower to support cancer patients. We have been a proud special partner of the collection for three years, during which our colleagues - volunteers managed to collect almost 250,000 euros. Financial donations will be used by the League Against Cancer for important support of oncology patients, including the continuation of projects such as free telephone and e-mail Oncoconsultation, Network of oncopsychologists, Relaxation stays and public education.

Earth Day

For our colleagues, Earth Day is traditionally associated with helping the environment in which they live and work. We are pleased that almost 800 colleagues from all Tesco stores took part in the event again in 2022 and together in more than 1,000 hours they collected waste weighing 5 tons, which would fill approximately 6 large trucks. In this way too, we want to support the communities in which we operate and actively contribute to making them cleaner and more beautiful. Not only for our colleagues, but also for all the people from our neighborhood.

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