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Our approach and affordability

Tesco cares that our customers always have the opportunity to buy healthy and affordable food.

Store coverage

Tesco operates 155 shops across Slovakia.. With 64hypermarkets, 61 supermarkets, 30 express shops, 3 distribution centers and 20 franchised Žabka outlets, we are easily accessible to almost all Slovak households via our store network and even more through our online offers.

Price and value

We are reacting to changing food prices and in recent months we have been making every effort to ensure that the current increase in food prices affects our customers as little as possible. That's why we launched the Low Prices Guaranteed program, which is our next demonstration of how shopping at Tesco helps lighten the family budget. We make every effort to offer the very products that customers buy and whose low prices they really appreciate. The low price guarantee ensures that the customer will always save money by buying them, even without them being offered at a discount.

We compare products based on several indicators, such as quality, pack size, number of pieces in a package. The project is long-term, so customers save every week, not only in stores but also when shopping online. Another way we strive to ensure that all our customers have access to fresh and healthy food is the fresh 5 . With each purchase, the customer has the opportunity to buy 5 fruits at a very reasonable price. Taking care that the customer always gets the highest quality at the best price is covered by the Clubcard prices project, where the club card will guarantee that the purchase is at the most favourable possible price, because we value our customers and this is the way we can take care of them even better