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Product safety and quality

Our number one priority is that the products we sell are safe for our customers. We want to build trusted relationships with customers and avoid negative effects on our performance and corporate reputation. That's why we focus closely on the risks of product safety and quality.

Our product standards, policies and guidance help ensure that products are safe, legal and of the required quality. They cover food and non-food, as well as goods and services not for resale.

We closely monitor any updates to product safety regulations, as well as participate in multiple industry forums to ensure our standards and products continue to conform with all relevant regulations.  

We conduct detailed due diligence of our suppliers, prior to onboarding as well as ongoing maintenance for established suppliers, to ensure that adequate infrastructure, capabilities, and capacities are in place to meet Tesco’s standards.

We run colleague training programmes on food and product safety, hygiene controls, and provide support for stores for product safety.

We operate supplier audit and product analysis programmes to monitor product safety, traceability, and integrity. These include unannounced audits of suppliers’ sites and facilities.

We operate a risk-based quality assurance programme, which is focused on sample-based testing of our products to monitor compliance with our standards and regulations.