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CEO report

Serving a little better every day. For customers, communities and the entire planet. Not only for Tesco, but also for me personally, our mission is very important.

The customer has always been, is and will be the center of our interest. We want Tesco to be not only a great place to work, but of course also to shop. Tesco has always tried to be a good neighbor. This is related to the support of local communities, which we help with, for example, the popular grant prora "You choose, we help", food collection, small donation program or regular donation of unsold food.

Climate change is a global problem. We consider it important to treat our planet responsibly and protect it for future generations. Tesco is leading by example in this and is gradually committing to very ambitious goals that will have a truly significant contribution to the protection of our planet, whether it is zero food waste, achieving climate neutrality within our business, introducing fully recyclable packaging for our own brand products and much more.

Our new mission strategy reminds us every day what is most important to us and where we want to move forward together.

Last year, we faced many challenges, one of which was the unrelenting Covid-19 pandemic. I am proud to see how our colleagues take care of customers, support each other, help protect the health of others, and don't forget to help communities. Every day they fulfill our value "Every little help makes a big difference".

However, the consequences of the pandemic are not the only challenge we are currently facing. The war conflict in Ukraine affected all of us and we had to deal with new life situations from day to day. I am extremely proud of our entire team who have been helping those affected by the conflict since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I cannot fail to mention the prompt response from our colleagues, not only in the east of Slovakia, who, in addition to significant humanitarian aid, helped as volunteers at the borders and in centers for refugees. In addition to food collection, humanitarian, financial and product aid, we also managed to create jobs for people from Ukraine.We welcomed the first colleagues from Ukraine during the past months, and their number is constantly growing.  

Over the past 26 years, we have given a wider meaning to the combination of "delivering services", whether in stores or online shopping. We don't just bring customers their favorite products, we offer them healthier, better quality and more affordable food, all with a sustainable approach to our communities, our country and our planet.

This year we celebrated an important milestone – 5 years of measuring food waste. Our goal is to achieve zero food waste in our own operations, which means that no food suitable for human consumption will be thrown away.

We also introduced new targets in the area of healthy eating. At Tesco, we are committed to helping customers lead a healthier lifestyle. From a long-term perspective, it is one of the key values ​​of our business.

Equal pay for men and women is a matter of course at Tesco. Last year, as part of the Report on the implementation of the strategy in the field of diversity and inclusion, we published the first data on the remuneration of women and men, which is unique in Slovakia in its content. We want to be a company that reflects the diversity of customers and communities in which we operate.

I am very pleased that our efforts and work have been recognized and we have received the prestigious Via Bona Award for 2020 in three categories, namely Responsible Large Company, Exceptional Employer and Public Award.

 We also confirmed our position as a leader in the field of employment and Tesco as a great place to work by winning the independent Best Employer 2021 poll in the Shop and Services category. The Mastercard Merchant of the Year 2021 – Sustainable Merchant award also confirmed that we are making the right decisions in the area of ​​sustainability.

These awards and my huge thanks go to all of you colleagues, for your daily work and passion, serving a little better every day.

The coming year will undoubtedly bring us more challenges, but I am confident that with our strength and courage we can continue to make the right decisions for our colleagues, customers, community and the planet.

Thank you!

Martin Kuruc

CEO of Tesco in Slovakia