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Palm oil

Forests contain the overwhelming majority of life on Earth, including 80% of the planet’s terrestrial species1 . They also play a critical role in helping to regulate temperature and humidity2 and absorb huge amounts of carbon - 7.6 billion metric tonnes of CO2 per year, 1.5 times more carbon than the United States emits annually3 . On top of all that, forests also provide livelihoods for 1.6 billion people4 . For all these reasons and more, Tesco is committed to protecting forests and working towards sourcing only from verified zero deforestation areas.

100 %

Commitment to use only 100% certified palm oil in Tesco own branded products

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDG 13 Climate Action

The aim calls for urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. About 8% of global emissions currently come from tree cover loss in tropical forests, but these same forests can provide 23% of the cost-effective climate mitigation needed before 2030 . Our efforts to achieve zero deforestation from our sourcing will contribute to our net zero climate ambitions.

SDG 15 Life on Land

The aim is to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, including sustainably managing forests, reversing land degradation and halting biodiversity loss. Our Forest strategy is focused on tackling deforestation and advocating for better forest governance.

SDG 17 Partnership for the Goal

Partnership for the Goals recognises the importance of collaboration. Our Forest strategy has been developed with the input from our suppliers and NGO partners, including our work with WWF to help restore nature in food production with the WWF’s Retailers Commitment for Nature and as part of the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) Forest Positive Coalition aimed at tackling deforestation in food production systems.


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