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Soy is a key source of protein and soybean meal is widely used in animal feed. With rising global demand, the expansion of soy production has led to deforestation and habitat conversion in many important ecosystems.

Achieving zero deforestation and conversion in risky forest raw materials will also require a transformational change in sourcing and forest management. This requires us to transform our supply chains and collaborate across supply chains to create effective solutions.


We are aiming to source all the soy in our supply chains from whole regions that are verified as deforestation-free by 2025.

We are investing 5 mil. pounds to the "Responsible Commodities Facility". It is a pilot project, or financial instrument, focusing on making available low-interest loans to Brazilian soy farmers (growers) if they grow it without deforestation or forest conversion.

We are raising our expectations of Tesco suppliers via our updated Zero Deforestation Soymeal Supplier Requirements updated in July 2021. These stipulate that all suppliers using soy, namely as part of animal feed in meat, fish, poultry, eggs and dairy, need to develop and share detailed roadmaps on how they will comply with our 2025 zero deforestation and conversion free soy sourcing target.