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Sustainable supply chain

Currently, global food production is fuelling the climate crisis, contributing 30% of human-made greenhouse gas emissions. While agriculture has occupied half of all habitable land on the planet, the food system is also one of the biggest threats to nature, causing 60% of global biodiversity loss. At the same time, food represents a big opportunity to reduce our impact on the planet. Changing the ways we produce, process, sell and consume food can bring enormous benefits and be a crucial part of the solution for both climate and nature.

To guide the industry towards a transformation at the scale and speed that is critically needed, WWF has created seven Principles for Sustainable Food Systems in Central Europe, which have been adapted by Tesco for implementation in its own business and with its partners to support the transformation for sustainable production and consumption.

Tesco Action Plan for Sustainable Supply Chain in Central Europe

1. Cut emissions

Reduce the carbon footprint of the entire supply chain - from agriculture, manufacturing, raw materials to packaging and transportation. 

2. End food waste

Make sure that no good food goes to waste in the value chain. The best approach follows three steps: target, measure, act 

3. Remove and reduce packaging

Remove where you can, reduce where you cannot, reuse more often, and recycle whatever is left to ensure packaging never finds its way to landfill.

4. Improve supply

Stop deforestation, support the transition to sustainable agriculture and aquaculture

5. Change demand

Help customers adopt more affordable, healthy and sustainable diets

At Tesco we've already taken important first steps to reduce the impact of our operations on the planet:

our operational emissions:

-52% since 2015

Tesco Group

our operational food waste:

-70% since 2017

Tesco Central Europe

renewable electricity powering our stores:

100% since 2020

Tesco Central Europe

recyclable materials in own brand packaging:

100% by 2025

Tesco Central Europe

Tesco-WWF Central European conference on sustainable food systems „The Power is on our Plates“ in Prague (October, 2022)