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Diversity and inclusion

Tesco is one of the three largest private employers in Slovakia. We employ almost 9,000 colleagues from a broad range of backgrounds with many different perspectives and ideas. These different perspectives, coupled with a culture of curiosity and challenge, are what drive us to keep improving as a great place to work and shop.

An inclusive culture is an integral part of our brand, it’s embedded in our values: we treat people how they want to be treated. It also allows our colleagues to build authentic relationships with customers, develop innovative new ideas and drive the success of our business.

Everyone’s Welcome’ means accepting people for who they are, embracing difference without judgement, and appreciating everyone’s individual contributions.

Everyone’s Welcome at Tesco

We are proud to have published our first Everyone’s Welcome at Tesco report, sharing our plans to increase representation of women at senior levels, become even more family friendly, and support individuals with changed work capacities to thrive in our business. We also share our demographic data and gender pay position, which help us to measure our ongoing progress.

Our “Everyone is Welcome at Tesco” report focuses on 4 main topics:

  • Our workforce at a glance
  • Unlocking everyone’s potential
  • Disability inclusion advantage
  • Our actions


Report on the implementation of the diversity and inclusion strategy
Report on the implementation of the diversity and inclusion strategy PDF 3.7MB

Key Highlights of the report:

  • We have 8,841 colleagues, 74% are female, 26% are male, 6,9% have a disability and 61% have caring responsibilities.
  • We have a well-balanced workforce, with significant numbers of colleagues of all ages from 18 to 76.
  • Women make up 74% of our workforce in Slovakia. 61% of women work as managers and 46% work as senior managers of directors. According to our data, up to 78% of colleagues in stores are women, while 54% of women are store managers.
  • We are an equal pay employer: each role in our business has a specific pay rate, or pay band in head office, which does not change based on the gender of the colleague who fills the role.
  • We voluntarily publish our gender pay data for the first time – which compares the average pay of all women with the average pay of all men - which allows us to identify and understand barriers to progression for women in our business, take steps to remove obstacles and will help us chart progress over time.
  • We recently introduced new market-leading family policies, offering even greater flexibility for colleagues with caring responsibilities at home.
  • We have various programs in place to support the younger generation, like Young Leaders Programmes and our Graduate program.
  • We offer part-time work opportunities and currently 15% of our retail workforce work part-time to help colleagues fit work around busy home lives or study.

“It is extremely important that our management understands our customers, reflects their diversity and illustrates that Tesco is a place where everyone can grow and develop their career. Tesco already employs a number of great colleagues. Many of them hold leadership positions, but our ambition is to increase this number even more. Thanks to female role models in senior positions and by being a more flexible employer, where colleagues can grow without having to sacrifice a lot in their private lives, we can change that quickly. I believe that in Central Europe we have a huge opportunity to excel as a great employer for women at all levels of the business, which will help us attract and retain the best talent in any market. Inclusiveness and flexibility are a must for business people like Tesco. I think we can learn from the pandemic period, when we saw that we could be much more efficient and flexible than we thought before.”

Matt Simister, CEO for Central Europe and sponsor of the Tesco Women's Support Programme

We are also proud that we have developed a mutually beneficial relationship with the Trade Union(s) we work together with.

“Across sectors, we are more likely to find that companies report on diversity and inclusion in their annual reports. The fact that a separate detailed report has been published is bold and exceptional. Thanks to this approach, diversity and inclusion will become part of the corporate culture and will be important catalysts for innovation. With this report, Tesco has shown that it is indeed an employer that offers working conditions for all groups of people, focuses on equal opportunities and at the same time constantly actively brings new benefits.”

Ivana Vagaská, senior program manager of the Pontis Foundation and executive director of the Business Leaders Forum