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Employment and development of colleagues

We support our colleagues as much as we can. In 2019/20, we launched a new form of survey for colleagues. Your opinion is important. Feedback from colleagues allows us to take targeted action and thus achieve real change. In the last survey from January 2020, up to 89% of colleagues in Slovakia confirmed to us that they consider Tesco to be a great place to work and up to 82% confirmed that they have had a chance to grow and develop with us in the last year. This is our best rating from colleagues so far.

For colleagues, we have launched a new communication platform at the level of Central Europe called Colleague Contribution Panel. It is a forum where colleagues from all walks of life meet twice a year and, under the guidance of one of Tesco's non-executive directors, discuss the issues that plague them, as well as the ways we care for our customers and colleagues. The members of the panel cooperate with the management of the company, together they try to understand the problems of colleagues and take concrete steps aimed at solving them.

Reward and recognition

We believe that our colleagues deserve a competitive package of rewards in recognition of their work. The lowest wage of colleagues working in full-time shops in Slovakia averaged 865 euros, depending on the region. However, we are constantly investing in rewards, last year alone we invested 13 million euros in the salaries of our colleagues. In addition, we provide colleagues with an interesting package of benefits, which we want to show them that we appreciate their contribution:

  • 10% discount for colleagues on purchases in Tesco stores up to 700 euros per year. The discount can also be used for shopping at F&F, Tesco Mobile, or when buying food online. This way, our colleagues saved more than € 2,130,000 last year.
  • A good helpline - in the form of consultations and advice, we help our colleagues in various difficult life situations, whether in work or personal life. They can consult experts free of charge on topics such as interpersonal relationships, child rearing, contract consultation, foreclosures, mortgages and much more. Last year, 309 colleagues used this service.
  • We offer colleagues discounted mobile packages, a contribution to the Multisport card, a benefit at the birth of a child - a gift for the newborn children of our colleagues.
  • We also offer colleagues a modern form of selecting individual benefits through the Cafeteria system or a Christmas bonus. Last year, we invested 714,060 euros in these benefits. With colleagues we also celebrate a round anniversary, last year we rewarded 1,115 of our loyal colleagues.

“I have been working for Tesco for almost 10 years. testifies that I am satisfied in the company and I work enjoy. One of the things I recognize and like me, is a poll Your opinion is important. I appreciate that the employer is interested in the opinion of each colleague and approaches it with full seriousness. questions of a different nature examine the overall situation in store. Its anonymity guarantees credibility answers. The important thing, however, is that the results are realistic he works. At meetings between colleagues and the director, team of managers and personnel partners the results communicate and in mutual discussion are looking for solutions to improve some things to satisfaction of us all.”

colleague from a hypermarket in Brezno

Developing skills and opportunities for further career advancement

We care about the professional development of our colleagues, so we invest significantly in their education and training. Thanks to cooperation with external organizations, our own training program also brings various courses, e-learning and workshops, which provide our colleagues with the opportunity to acquire valuable skills and direct their career progress according to their own ideas. Last year, our colleagues completed more than 60,000 hours of training.

We provide newly hired colleagues with a 90-day program that helps them join the team, get to know Tesco and learn everything about the content of their work. It also includes the Buddy system, in which an already established Tesco employee accompanies new colleagues and provides a support system for every newcomer. We want to bring attractive opportunities for young people and help them develop the skills needed to get a job and start a career. At the same time, we are always looking for and will be looking for young passionate people who are the future of our business. In our stores as well as in the central office, we employ more than 600 full-time or part-time colleagues under the age of 25. We also provide opportunities for trainees and offer apprenticeships in our stores so that young people can experience how retail works in practice.

Dual education and professional practice

Our company offers the opportunity to complete professional practice with us. It has also participated in the dual education program and, in cooperation with various secondary vocational schools, we mediate the practical teaching of pupils in accordance with the school's educational program. In the school year 2019/20, 371 pupils completed professional practice in 23 shops. During this period, another 25 high school students passed through our dual education program, while our managers and coaches invested 4,000 hours in their practical education.

We support families

In 2019, we expanded the offer of flexible work for the headquarters and bindingly adopted rules in which every colleague working in the office has the opportunity to work from home without exception and according to individual preference any number of days in a month. Colleagues working in the store are adjusted individually according to their needs, family situation, health status and their preferences, part-time or full-time, or part-time. All colleagues have the option of career leave, which allows them to take unpaid leave at work in order to realize their other goals.

We have created conditions that allow parents to balance their work and family life, we encourage them to take advantage of flexible forms of work, and we provide parents of children entering school for the first time with a paid day off so that they can be with their children during the first day of school. We want to give everyone the opportunity to experience first-hand, which means inclusion and fun - we organize sports days, meetings, Christmas and Easter events for our colleagues with children.

“I see the spectacular farewell to the flight as an opportunity to meet colleagues, whom we often only hear on the phone or know as a signature in an e-mail. Every year, I look forward to a sports day as a great opportunity to meet colleagues across the business, play sports and, last but not least, have a good time.”

Michal Čakloš from the Distribution Center in Beckov about the sports day

In our company, which is the third largest private employer in Slovakia, there are colleagues from different backgrounds, from different backgrounds and with diverse personal commitments. It is equally important for us to support our colleagues in their work and family life. We offer them a variety of options for choosing work shifts to choose what suits them best. Our stores have more than 1,000 part-time colleagues, representing almost 15% of all our employees.