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Daffodil Day 2021

Unfortunately, oncological disease does not take a break even during a coronary crisis. The League Against Cancer therefore emphasizes that even the public benefit fund Daffodil Day cannot take a break. Although despite the relaxation of anti-epidemic measures, the 25th year must be done without traditional volunteers in the streets, you can get narcissus in any of the 153 Tesco stores in Slovakia. By attaching a narcissus and making a voluntary contribution, we will make an important gesture for cancer patients.

"Daffodil, which is a symbol of belonging, help and hope for people suffering from cancer, we want and need to pass on to people. We know that there are many who perceive the meaning and usefulness of projects implemented by the League Against Cancer and are happy to contribute to them. Once again, we had to take a responsible solution to protect public health from coronavirus. The last year marked a decline in the yield of the collection, which was understandable in an unpredictable and uncertain time of the pandemic. However, life goes on, unfortunately, cancer has no break, so our help cannot have a break either, and we believe that people's help in the form of a financial contribution will not have a break," explains Eva Kováčová, executive director of the League Against Cancer.

Anyone can support! In several ways:

  • From 10 to 12 June 2021 exclusively in all 153 Tesco stores, either in the form of a contribution to the treasury or by using special coupons marked Daffodil Day during payment for the purchase
  • From June 7, 2021: selected 300,000 households across Slovakia will find an envelope with snares and information about the possibilities of supporting Daffodil Day
  • Online and SMS collection - from 7 to 20 June 2021 via SMS to 848 (SMS value is 3 €) or directly to the collection account SK09 0900 0000 0054 5454 5454
  • You can get a virtual daffodil in the online collection at

This year, Tesco is a special partner of Daffodil Day. You can get daffodils in 153 chains of the chain throughout Slovakia and make a voluntary contribution.

"Just as the narcissus has been a symbol of belonging and helping cancer patients for 25 years, Tesco has been here for its Slovak customers, colleagues and community for 25 years. During the quarter of a century, we have shown that we stand by them in both good and bad times. I am proud that Tesco is a partner of Daffodil Day and thanks to our colleagues we will bring yellow daffodils to people all over Slovakia to jointly support oncology patients," stressed Martin Kuruc, CEO of Tesco in Slovakia, adding:" I am very pleased that with our Slovak suppliers, we will also support Daffodil Day financially, with proceeds from the sale of selected products."

Slovak suppliers Vitazel ​​and Boni Fructi will help oncology patients together with the Tesco chain. For each Tesco Finest tomato sold, Hranáčik and Tesco Slovak strawberries 250 g in the Tesco network make a financial contribution to the League Against Cancer. Tesco will double the total contribution. Both suppliers and the chain will contribute 3 cents for each product sold.

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