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Local activities

At Tesco, we believe that even a little help can make a big difference. This value includes all the little things we do every day for our colleagues around the world, in the thousands of communities in which Tesco operates, and for the millions of customers we care about.

We can use the size of our company as a positive force in large projects, such as the grant program You decide, we help or in donating food surpluses, which we help people in the communities where we operate. However, all the good we do together starts with a little help at the local level.

Volunteering of colleagues

Our colleagues are a strong part of the communities in which we operate. They are involved in various local public benefit projects, which we appreciate. Therefore, we provide them with the opportunity to spend one working day volunteering and gain direct experience of working at the Food Bank of Slovakia and its local partners, organizations involved in the grant program. You decide, we help or from other non-profit organizations, schools or kindergartens every helping hand very valuable.

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Small donations

Through the Small Donations program, we provide direct product support from all of our stores for various activities in their area, helping to connect our stores with their local communities. In 2019, we supported more than 600 projects under this program. Product support went mainly to schools that organized educational, sports or leisure activities. We helped civic associations, homes for the elderly, sports clubs and homes for social services by donating food, clothing and hygiene items. Many of the activities supported by the Small Donation were also attended by our colleagues as volunteers and helped where it was most needed.

Support for many other activities

April 22 is International Earth Day, which draws people's attention to the negative effects of their activities on the environment. We at Tesco are not indifferent to the environment either, which is why we participated in the international initiative World Cleanup Day, which also took place in Slovakia under the name Upracme Slovensko. As part of this initiative, we jointly cleaned the surroundings of our operations and the central office. We have not only helped the environment, but we have also ensured that there is as little scattered waste as possible in the vicinity of the places where we operate. More than 800 colleagues from 70 stores throughout Slovakia, from the distribution center in Beckov and from the central office in Zlaté piesky in Bratislava took part. On Wednesday, April 24, 2019, we managed to collect more than 7.5 tons of waste by working together in almost 1,000 hours.

Tesco Foundation

The Tesco Foundation was established at the end of 2010 as a successor to the Tesco Foundation. It benefits from the rich experience of its founder, Tesco in Slovakia in the field of philanthropy and covers the company's activities in the field of social responsibility. In its charitable activities, it makes full use of the specifics of retail activities, which include, in particular, the opportunity to combine the common potential of the company itself, as well as employees, suppliers or business partners and customers.

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