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You Choose, We Help

We organise You choose, we help programme in all countries of Central Europe and thanks to its local focus it has become very popular. The programme motivates customers to vote for local projects that they consider most beneficial to their community.

We organise the grant programme twice a year. Our customers can support a project from their region by voting in stores. Tesco will subsequently support thw winning projects with a financial grant. The amount of the grant is decided by customers with their votes. Tesco distributes grants in each edition in the amount of 1,300 euros, 600 euros and 300 euros for up to 231 projects across Slovakia.

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“Thanks to the You Choose, We Help grant programme, we help long-term support local projects that improve life in communities and beautify or improve their public space. For example, we supported new playgrounds, libraries, city hives or educational activities. This year, they were also given the opportunity to enter the programme with the projects that help cope with the current extraordinary situation or support health and immunity.”

Veronika Bush, Head of Communication for Tesco in Slovakia

In 2020, we adjusted the rules of the programme so that we could help community projects to register their new projects. Thanks to the increase in the total amount of support to 185 thousand euros, we supported all 231 finalists with the same amount of 800 euros. Since the launch of the grant programme, Tesco has supported local projects throughout Slovakia with a total amount of more than 1 million euros.

Examples of supported projects

Slovak Red Cross, Territorial Association of Žilina

The aim of the project was to educate as many people as possible who will be able to provide first aid, as only 1 in 10 people will stop in an accident and help the injured. The project helped raise awareness of first aid thanks to free experiential first aid training, which was organized at the university, library, squares, park and in Tesco. After all, anyone can save a life.


Kindergarten Kvačany near Liptovský Mikuláš

The project supported educational activities in the field of environment and ecology and built a place in the school yard, which is not only a place for entertainment, sports and relaxation, but also a place for teaching. At this point, children are naturally guided by teachers in their daily activities to discover nature and to create a relationship with all living things and respect for natural resources.


Retirement home Štúrova, Detva

The facility for seniors in Detva provides social services for 48 clients of retirement age. Thanks to the support in the grant program, it was able to purchase 2 adjustable electric beds, which will primarily improve their health, improve the quality of life for clients and increase their comfort.


Uhrovec Castle Civic Association

Thanks to the first place in the 6th edition, the civic association Uhrovec Castle has created an aesthetic and safe place to relax in nature near Uhrovec Castle - a national cultural monument. It arranged a camp for tents, a fireplace for grilling, benches and a new dry toilet with a washbasin for visitors and volunteers involved in saving the Uhrovec castle.


Non-profit organisation Maják Nádeje, Košice

Through the project, creative workshops are implemented for mothers from families in need who are long-term unemployed or have never even had the opportunity to work. In this way, they should be able to develop work habits and skills, learn to sew and make various handicrafts, strengthen their self-confidence and create space for mutual sharing and help.


Primary School and Kindergarten in Banská Belá

The school aims to return to tradition and strives to preserve the charm of the village school in today's modern world. Folk dances are an integral part of this. Children perform at various festivities, and thanks to the support of the Dance, Dance, Twist project, they will be able to buy costumes, for example, and continue their performances, which translate and preserve our traditions for future generations.


Civic association Naše včely, Rosina

Bees pollinate life support, so they deserve our increased attention and protection. Thanks to the support of the project Let's protect bees together, the bee community has expanded and the surroundings of the apiary near Žilina have become more important, with an emphasis on ecological beekeeping. Volunteers took part in preparatory work (crimping frames, painting new hives, sealing wax partitions), planting hives with bees, beautifying the area and planting suitable nectar-growing woods and herbs.


Hipony Civic Association, Štvrtok na Ostrove

The project motivates children to actively spend their time outdoors in the form of group exercises. The activities contribute to the improvement of immunity, the development of movement skills and creativity, proper posture and overall physical condition. At the same time, they deepen the interest in a healthy lifestyle, the relationship to nature (to horses and riding), strengthen children's relationships, and improve self-confidence.


Civic Association Hornonitrianske footprints

The main goal of the project is the further development of the cycling locality around Bojnice. In addition to the existing routes, the association's priority is to connect them and build cycling infrastructure. The project also aims to organise sport events and bicycle races for the general public.

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