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F&F clothing

Sustainable, affordable, quality clothing ... from a production we are proud of. F&F is our own brand, we sell millions of pieces of clothing every year. Our approach to sustainability, reducing environmental impact and bringing positive change in communities - like other areas in Tesco - applies to our clothing business.

At F&F, we are committed to improving the lives of every employee involved in the production of our clothing. We are a founding member of the Ethical Trade Initiative and we make sure that our suppliers adhere to human rights standards. In December 2019, we organized two full-day workshops for clothing retailers, spinning mills and weaving mills in northern and southern India. We briefed participants on our anti-forced labor policies, shared best practices in the fight against modern-day slavery, and outlined our approach, which includes unannounced audits by our responsible product acquisition team.

More than 50% of the clothes we sell are made from cotton or cotton blends. We constantly evaluate the impact of our products on the environment and the communities from which we supply them. In this way, we can make better and more responsible decisions. We use cotton from sustainable sources to make our clothes from 100% cotton, including T-shirts for children and clothes for girls. Our goal is to ensure that by 2025 all F&F products are made from sustainable cotton (Better Cotton Initiative - BCI, organic and recycled). In the previous 12 months, we have obtained up to 80% cotton from sources that are more sustainable, which puts us on track to achieve our goal. Since the beginning of our membership in the Better Cotton Initiative, we have gained 50,000 tons more sustainable cotton at F&F.

In addition to efforts to reduce the impact of our cotton on the environment, we present more products made from recycled polyester fabrics. We make many products from them in our swimsuit product line. In 2019, we used recycled fibers from more than 30 million plastic bottles.

Made Mindfully

Already today, more than half of F&F brand clothing is made from materials obtained responsibly. At the same time, we want to ensure that by 2030 all our raw materials come from either sustainable sources or the recycling process. We also confirm this strong commitment within the F&F brand by introducing the latest Made Mindfully collection. Whenever a shopper sees a logo with this designation in the Tesco store, he tells him that the clothing has been made responsibly with regard to the protection of the environment and the precious resources of our planet.

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