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Backup system for PET bottles and cans

In Slovakia, a mandatory backup system of PET bottles and cans is currently being prepared in accordance with the approved legislation. The system will work in the form of a so-called advance model - when buying a drink, the customer pays 15 cents for the packaging and then receives this amount back after its return. It will be launched from 1 January 2022. The aim of the system will be to increase the current amount of beverage packaging collection from 60% to 90% in 2025.

The first collection machine for the return of PET bottles and cans in Tesco is located in our store in Senec. We help customers reduce the amount of plastic waste and at the same time improve the environment in which they live, as from April 19, 2021, Tesco will support planting greenery and revitalizing green areas with 5 cents for every plastic bottle or can handed over to a collection machine in Senec. So far, more than 2,000 plastic bottles and cans have been collected.

We launched the collection machine less than a year before the introduction of mandatory backup of PET bottles and cans with the aim of:

  • prepare as best as possible for the launch of the compulsory beverage packaging collection system from January 2022
  • motivate customers through the project of increasing and revitalizing green areas in Senec The machine will work in the so-called dual mode - it will not only collect plastic PET bottles and cans, but customers will also be able to return glass bottles and get a refundable deposit, as they were used to until now.a

What can be made from PET bottles?

More and more manufacturers in the world use recycled plastic for ecological and design products. Fibers obtained by recycling PET bottles are used not only for other packaging, for example in cosmetics or food, benches, children's climbing frames, but also in the furniture and fashion industries. Approximately 10 plastic bottles need to be processed for the t-shirt, and 15 bottles are needed to fill the ski jacket. Selected F&F products, available in Tesco stores, are made in this way.

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