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F&F hanger reuse system

Our clothing brand F&F, in cooperation with the business partner TIC Group, ensures that we do everything in our power to maximize the reuse of hangers.

They have introduced a global reuse system, which is a smarter choice for sustainable retail because:

  • is designed with the environment in mind,
  • reduces the pressure on landfills,
  • ensures that plastic waste is minimized and does not enter the oceans,
  • reduces our carbon footprint.

Reusing hangers instead of making new ones not only reduces the number of hangers that go to landfills, but also saves 34% of carbon emissions and 86% of water from the ecological footprint of each hanger. Each year, TIC Group returns so many hangers to the reuse program that if they lay side by side, they would go around the world three times.

Since the beginning of the programme in 2019, we have saved:

1.5 millions

F&F hangers

56 tonnes

saved plastics that would otherwise likely end up in the trash