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Removing hard to recycle materials

In 2019, we committed ourselves to removing non-recyclable or difficult-to-recycle materials from the packaging of Tesca's own brand products in Central Europe by the end of 2020.

After consulting with suppliers and experts, we regularly check the materials used in the packaging of our own brands and publish a list of preferred materials (the list may vary according to the latest knowledge), which takes the form of a traffic light for packaging materials. If red materials are materials that we consider undesirable for our packaging, the preferred green materials on the list are already easily recycled and may contain recycled raw materials. These are, for example, PET plastics, PP plastics for non-food purposes, metal, glass, as well as cardboard and paper from sustainable sources.

We also identified materials that are not easily recyclable and are the most harmful to the environment, such as PVC and polystyrene (sometimes used in yogurt jars) and PLA (polylactic acid - found in foils and bags). So far, we have removed 454 tons of difficult-to-recycle materials from our products.

For each new product that is added to the product line of our own Tesco brand, we ensure that it does not contain excessive amounts of packaging and is packaged only in recyclable materials.

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Packaging reduction

To further reduce the environmental impact of packaging, Tesco is redesigning its own brand products by reducing the amount of materials used to an absolute minimum. New products are delivered with lighter packaging or undergo new production technology that allows selected parts of the packaging to be removed or replaced.

Reducing the weight of packaging has a positive effect not only on reducing the volume of plastics and other waste, but also helps to reduce carbon emissions. Lighter packaging means less energy used to transport products.