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Reuse of packaging in distribution

Distribution also has a significant impact on the environment, which is why we are working on regulation in this area as well.

Tesco has been working with Euro Pool System since 2014 and has introduced reusable folding crates for the transport of fresh food products such as fruit, vegetables and meat. Enormous progress followed - in 2014, Tesco suppliers used approximately 14 million folding crates, in 2018 this number increased to more than 40 million.

Reusable crates are made to last approximately 7 years and are 100% recyclable. According to a calculation model commissioned by SIM (Foundation for Reusable Systems) and developed by the German organization Fraunhofer Institute, thanks to the transition from disposable packaging to reusable crates.

Tesco and its suppliers save a staggering amount of CO2 emissions per year:

2,509 tonnes

in Slovakia

3,656 tonnes

in Czech Republic

3,725 tonnes

in Hungary

9,890 tonnes

in Central Europe