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Partnerships with suppliers

We realize that our customers want to be able to choose not only among the best brands, but also great products at low prices. During the 24 years of our operation in Slovakia, we have established long-term relationships with our local and foreign suppliers. We help them develop and invest, produce the best products and then bring them to our customers in stores across the country.

Relationships with our suppliers are very important to us. In surveys and discussions, we regularly find out their views on cooperation with Tesco. We give them space to give us feedback. This is a very important part of our open approach, so that they can share ideas with us on how to further improve our mutual cooperation. Feedback from our suppliers helps us to constantly improve.

We are pleased that 86% of Slovak suppliers evaluate our payment discipline positively. As many as 87% of Slovak suppliers praise communication with our buyers and confirm that our colleagues approach them with respect. We also offer the smallest partners additional care in the form of shortened 14-day payment periods. Our suppliers have also confirmed to us that we listen to their needs and solve their problems. Another good news is that they are happy with the level of our commitment and are convinced that we share our plans and priorities with them.

Animal welfare

Animal health and the conditions in which they are kept are extremely important, which is why we approach them very responsibly. In cooperation with animal breeders, we influence the implementation of best practices in order to bring progress.

Customers' shopping habits are constantly changing. In addition to the price of the products, customers now pay attention to the country of origin and the method of meat production. We try to meet their expectations. By the end of 2025, we will stop offering caged eggs in our stores - under our own brand and also under the brands of other manufacturers. Already today you will find a wide range of eggs from free, organic and litter farms. In the meantime, when changes to the range are planned, Tesco and its suppliers will strictly adhere to the current high standards for poultry farming for meat and eggs. This initiative is an integral part of Tesco's efforts to procure products responsibly and ethically.