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Food rescuers

Through the Tesco Foundation, we have invested more than 300,000 euros in the fight against food waste in recent years, and in cooperation with our long-term partners Živica, Free-Food, Ekotopfilm, Depaul or PBS, we have helped distribute food surpluses, implemented a number of educational activities. However, we want to involve others in the fight against food waste. Therefore, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Tesco Foundation, we are announcing a new grant programme "Food Rescuers".

The aim of the grant programme is to support the initiatives of other organizations that want to contribute to solving the issue of food waste. We decided to offer financial support to food rescuers and help them implement projects that bring sustainable change.

Non-profit organizations, municipalities, schools, nurseries or contributory organizations that take an active approach to reducing food waste could apply, either through educational activities or practical examples that save food before it becomes waste. As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, each of the 3 winning projects will receive € 10,000 to implement its project.

The deadline for applications was 6th of November 2020. 

The best projects will be decided by a commission composed of Tesco employees and long-term experts in this field:

Martin Kuruc – managing director for Tesco in Slovakia
Veronika Bush – Head of Communication & Campaigns for Tesco in Slovakia and administrator of the Tesco Foundation
Karina Jakešová – community operations manager for Tesco in Slovakia and Czech republic
Petra Csefalvayová - co-founder of the Institute of Circular Economics in Slovakia
Dominika Horňáková - senior program manager of the Pontis Foundation
Denisa Rášová - coordinator of the Circular Slovakia platform

The Commission awarded € 10,000 to the following projects:
Zero Waste Canteen by Free Food - Food for All, civic association

The aim of the project is to draw attention to various aspects of food waste through the Zero Waste Canteen project, which will offer a solution for waste reduction in mass caterers. In the catering sector, food losses and food waste are estimated at 12% of total losses in the food chain, according to the FUSIONS study. In Slovakia, it is currently not possible to donate cooked food, which, if not eaten within three hours, must be discarded. Such food usually ends up in municipal waste.

However, by optimizing the process, food waste can be largely prevented. The main idea of ​​the project is to raise awareness of food waste that is generated in mass caterers and to show on a concrete example of a dining room how this waste can be largely eliminated. Within the project, therefore, the goal of the organization will be to reduce food waste in the school canteen - high school / university. This project and its intention is exceptional in that it brings innovative procedures to already established operations and has no precedent in Slovakia - it is a comprehensive solution for catering facilities - university resp. school canteen, based on the principles of circular economy with an emphasis on reducing waste.

"I like my lunch, I don't waste my food" from the village of Žabokreky

Zero waste from cooked food, creation of a seasonal nutritionally and aesthetically balanced menu, voluntariness in choosing a side dish for children in school catering facilities, tasty food from quality food served to our children and even more. The village of Žabokreky will organize several workshops, games and competitions for adults and the little ones in order to educate the inhabitants of the village and adjacent areas in the topic of reducing food waste.

"BACK TO THE ROOTS" by TASTE ZERO WASTE by Way of The Future, civic association

The "BACK TO THE ROOTS" project aims to increase pupils' and students' knowledge on the topic of food sustainability. It is a combination of modern gastronomy, the topic of food waste and innovation in the field of crop and plant cultivation. The implementation of the project is focused primarily on the creation of an audio-visual experience, which will be presented by the organizers to the target group through a series of educational videos.

The project also includes the announcement of the Most Responsible Class competition. The winner of the competition will receive a system in which students will be able to grow vegetables or fruit on their own within the class.

The Commission has also decided to grant aid of EUR 5 000 to the project:
"Not a grain in a vain" from the civic association GoodMood

The main goal of the project is to compile an online cookbook with recipes, where the main ingredient is what we have in the refrigerator, respectively. what we have left or increased from the previous cooking. The aim is to teach people to approach cooking creatively and at the same time efficiently, so that we eliminate the waste generated during cooking and also during ill-considered food purchases.

The online cookbook will be freely available to all interested parties on a specialized website and, in addition to recipes, will be supplemented with other important information and advice on how to minimize waste (how to compost biowaste, how to buy and plan food purchases wisely, etc.).

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