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Foundation projects

Development of Food Bank of Slovakia

FIghting food waste is one of Tesco's top priorities. Therefore, the Tesco Foundation has long supported the development of the Food Bank of Slovakia, which not only provides food distribution to people in need, but also educates the public, motivates donors and volunteers, and forms their relationship to the issue of food waste prevention.

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Children's athletics

The Tesco Foundation has been a partner of the Slovak Athletic Association since 2015. Thousands of children have been involved in the activities that have been created through this cooperation over the years. Other children will be able to discover athletics through children's athletic kits and children's mobile mini-playgrounds over the coming years. In cooperation with the Slovak Athletics Association, we support a healthy lifestyle for children and thus contribute to the education of future successful athletes.

Food for everyone

The Free-Food civic association focuses on raising awareness in the fight against food waste, trying to create a network of food consumers and coordinating the supply and demand for unsold food. By purchasing a vehicle, we have helped them in the past to ensure more efficient food distribution to organizations that focus on helping people in need. Thanks to the support of the Tesco Foundation, Free-Food educates people in secondary schools and public spaces who are not primarily interested in this issue. However, it is at these events that they can meet more environmentally friendly people, with whom they have the opportunity to integrate, learn more about the topic and at the same time enjoy the atmosphere together.


Ekotopfilm is an international film festival on sustainable development. The festival is focused on the popularization of important eco and enviro topics, education and awareness. The aim of the project, which is supported by the Tesco Foundation, is to inform and educate the young generation about the possibilities of combating food waste. The aim of the project is to point out the possibilities of how to prevent waste and how to handle food more effectively.

School fruit orchards - SadOVO

In cooperation with the CEEV Živica organization, we have been implementing the SadOVO school fruit orchard project since 2018, in which dozens of primary and secondary schools from all over Slovakia are involved. During the project, fruit excursions, mapping of old and rare fruit varieties, courses in the Zaježová Education Center and tree planting in school campuses are carried out. The project has already planted a total of more than 300 trees and created unique teaching materials for schools as well as the general public.

Man in danger

People living in excluded communities in generational poverty have a big problem finding a job. They either lack work habits or have high debts preventing them from gaining legal employment. Residents of such communities also lack education and basic skills. The project, supported by the Tesco Foundation, provides such people with assistance in all areas aimed at increasing employment, raising social skills levels or reducing indebtedness. It aims to acquire basic literacy and education in the form of retraining courses.

Farm grant

The Tesco Foundation supports Slovak farmers and small producers through the Farm Grant programme. The aim of the project is to support the education of farmers, improve their readiness for business cooperation, increase the attractiveness of their products from the perspective of customers, so that they are able to further develop their business and succeed in the domestic market. More than 500 farmers were trained during the six years of the programme.

Tesco Angel

The Tesco Angel project is an exceptional project launched by Tesco employees in Slovakia in 2013. Through regular collections between employees, regular or one-time employee contributions and contributions from Tesco in Slovakia is being set up to release funds to help colleagues who find themselves in difficult life situations.

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